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Book by contacting us in our chat or by sending an email

To  make reservations, from your mobile click on the blue symbol in the lower right corner.

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To chat and make reservations, from your computer, click where it says "reservations" at the bottom right.



Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

17:30 - 23:00


11:30 - 16:00     17:30 - 23:00


11:30 - 16:00

Tuesday closed


La Malabarista is a small, but very welcoming place, where people take care of you with a big heart, for this reason and to treat them as they deserve we have some conditions:

"Be punctual: time is our most precious gift"

- Maria Fornet

We give 10 minutes of courtesy, after this time the reservation will be cancelled.

"To define a place as magical, you need at least two people together"

-Fabricio Caramagna

Unfortunately, we have few tables, so a minimum consumption of €15 is established on the terrace, while inside the premises there is no minimum consumption required.


We do not book on public holidays. 🥹

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you!

where are we

Plaça Bell-Lloc, 2, 17004 Girona


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Thank you! Cheers and good vermouth!

see you!

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